Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper Preparedness

While many of us are anxiously gathering up financial documents in order to have our taxes prepared, there is often one thing that is commonly overlooked---the safety and security of our financial and personal documents.  

Imagine that your family suffered from a house fire or other natural disaster.  What would you do if all of your birth certificates, paystubs, proofs of insurance, etc. were lost?  

Here at the Grand Canyon Chapter, we see people every day whose lives have been turned upside down by some unforeseen disaster.  Often times, families have their important papers scattered about the house and are unable to retrieve these documents in an emergency.  

Part of being prepared includes having an escape plan and extra supplies, but should also include securing your financial and personal documents so that they can easily be recovered in the event of an emergency.  

Visit the IRS Website to review ways that you can prepare and protect your financial and personal papers in the event of a disaster.

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