Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Note of Thanks

"You have been a blessing in our lives at a time of need."

A military wife and mother wrote those words in a note to a Grand Canyon Chapter caseworker. 

She was barely holding on during her darkest of hours when she called the Red Cross for help. Her family was in crisis. Our family responded. The Red Cross caseworker went above and beyond to ensure she had the help and support she needed. Now that family has hope to hold on to...and can move forward in their recovery.

The American Red Cross serves and supports members of the military, veterans, and their families by providing emergency communications, comfort and assistance each and every day. Just last year, our Service to the Armed Forces team provided 4,493 service members and their families with outreach services and pre-deployment briefings. They also relayed nearly 1,800 critical messages. Our support for the Armed Forces started on the Civil War battlefield and continues today..stronger than ever.

Red Cross workers never know what the day will bring. A military family may need our support. Someone may need to use CPR to save a life. A home may burn to the ground leaving a family homeless. We may not know what the day will bring, but we do know we're ready to help. Thanks to our volunteers and donors, we can touch and improve lives every day.

To learn more about the Red Cross Grand Canyon Chapter Service to Armed Forces programs, visit us at

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